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Everything you need to stay connected at your seasonal property.

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The perfect solution for your cottage, trailer, or seasonal property.

IMPORTANT: Starting after July 1? Please inquire about our late-season reduced rates.

  • Installation Included

    Installation Included

    Available with first year of service (full-season). Read the FAQs below to learn more.

  • Fast Internet

    Fast & Reliable

    Experience consistent speeds & reliable internet from NWIC.

  • Unlimited Data

    Unlimited Usage

    That’s right! No limits on any of our packages. Stream on!

  • Speed Boost

    Speed Boost

    Coming Soon! Optional on-demand upgrades by individual week.


    6-Month Service Bundle

    • 10 Mbps (Up to 8 Mbps Down, 2 Mbps Up)
    • $525/season – Installation Included
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    6-Month Service Bundle

    • 40 Mbps (Up to 25 Mbps Down, 15 Mbps Up)
    • $950/season – Installation Included
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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below.

What is included in the installation?

Standard installation is included on all seasonal packages (one-time only for full-season accounts, regular cost is $99 +hst).

  • Installation & aiming of NWIC Antenna Radio*
  • Satellite Mount (if required)
  • Up to 100′ of CAT5E Cabling

If service is not renewed the following year, the radio will be picked up 30 days after the anniversary (unless discussed otherwise).

NOTE: Customer is responsible for providing their own WiFi Router.

*NWIC owned, but your responsibility in the event of damage. Please see Internet Service Agreement for additional information.

How do you install on a RV?

IMPORTANT – RV Installation may require a hold to be drilled to run a cable.

Our technicians will do their best to find a way into the trailer without drilling. If this is deemed not possible, we will drill a small hole for the cable and seal it afterwards.

The following steps are performed during installation:

  • Mounting of the Antenna/Radio to the RV or a detached post (if available/provided by customer)
  •  CAT-5 Cable Run from Antenna to desired spot in trailer
  • Installation of POE devices (i.e. modem) inside trailer

Please Note: You are required to provide your own WiFi Router.

What happens during off-season?

During off-season customers have two options:

Option 1: Off-Season Pulse Plan

This service is $9.95/m and keeps your account active/current during the off-season. If you wish to keep power to the radio, you will have access to low-speed internet if required.

Option 2: Cancellation

If you would prefer to cancel your account you may do so, however if you wish to re-connect the following year you will be subject to a $99 re-activation fee.

What if I need less than 6-months of service?

Late-start (after July 1) seasonal accounts are subject to reduced pricing.

All regular seasonal accounts are based on 6-months of service.

Please inquire for details.

What if I need more than 6-months of service and/or access during off-season?

During off-season, you can temporarily restore service (week-by-week) using the self-care portal.

Additional fees will apply for this option.

If you require full-months of access outside of the 6-month package, please call the NWIC sales team at 1 (877) 654-6942 for available options.

What is the Speed Boost option?


This service will allow subscribers to temporarily upgrade to a faster speed using a self-care portal.

This is a great option for rentals or hosting additional guests for short periods of time.

Additional fees will apply for this option.

Are faster speeds available?

At this time, we are actively offering the three advertised packages.

Does the seasonal package include a wifi router?

Customers are responsible for providing their own wireless router.

Recommendations area available here.

If you do not wish to purchase a wireless router, you can connect a computer (with a built-in ethernet port) directly to the NWIC POE device.

What type of internet is the seasonal option?

Seasonal internet is powered by NWIC’s Rural High-Speed Wireless Network.

To receive service, we need a clear line-of-site to one of our 70+ wireless sites across the region.

Prior to installation, a signal test will be performed to confirm service availability at your location.

Inquire About Seasonal Service

Please fill in the form below, or call us directly at 1 (877) 654-6942. A member of our sales team is ready to help you with a new connection.

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